Download Windows Movie Maker 2012 Free

Answer to The Question: Where to Download Windows Movie Maker 2012?

Windows Movie Maker 2012 is now the latest movie making software that provided by Microsoft. You can directly download it from Microsoft's official site now for totally free. Note that it's not a separate product. It's included in the Windows Essentials suite, and you have to install Windows Movie Maker 2012 and Windows Photo Gallery together after download it to your computer.

Windows Movie Maker 2012 and Windows Live Movie Maker are completely different from their ancestors like Windows Movie Maker 2.6 or Windows Movie Maker 2.1. For example, the timeline and custom transitions have been removed. Plus, Windows 10 is not supported officially.

Therefore, if you're searching for a movie making product that provide Timeline and powerful transition features, Windows Movie Maker isn't your choice. Wondershare Filmora is an ideal alternative. This video editing software is similar to Windows Movie Maker 2.6 or Windows Movie Maker 2.1, but much more powerful. Learn more below and download it free to try it yourself.

Ideal Windows Movie Maker 2012 Equivalent

  • Fully compatible with Windows 7/8/10 and even Windows Vista
  • Contains over 300 titles, transitions, filters and animated overlays
  • Available for basic and advanced video editing
  • Quickly share video on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or burn to DVD for TV
  • CNet recommended: "Possibly the most beautiful and effective video software we have seen in a long time"

Download Now

  • Produce Movies from Photos, Audio and Videos
  • Import photos, music and video clips regardless of their formats.
  • 100+ royalty-free music help you make movies with perfect music.
  • Record from the built-in web camera and add voiceover with high quality.
  • Capture media from device quickly or download photos from Facebook, Flickr and Instagram.
  • Product good-looking movies in Easy Mode quickly and easily.
  • Improve Movies with Basic and Advanced Video Editing Tools
  • Basic video and audio editing tools like, rotate, trim, split, hue, speedup, slowdown, etc.
  • Advanced video editing tools like Green Screen, Split Screen, Flash & Hold, Tilt-Shift, Face-off, etc.
  • Use the Reverse feature to make amazing videos like a magic.
  • Contains 200+ transitions and filter effects to make fabulous videos.
  • Contains 100+ title templates to add stylish titles for your self-exploration movies.
  • More than 100 overlays are the favorites of professional filmmakers.
  • Share Your Video in Your Ways
  • Premiere your video to the world on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and anywhere you want.
  • Share movies on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows phones and other devices, without worrying about the settings.
  • Directly burn to DVD for watching on your big TV screen.
  • Export video as video files in your Windows system.
  • All popular media formats are supported, including WMV, MOV, AVI, MP4, MP3, FLV, HTML5, MKV, etc.

FAQs on Windows Movie Maker 2012

Question 1: Is Windows Movie Maker 12 the same as Windows Movie Maker 2012?

Answer: Yes, it refers to the same product: the latest version of Windows Movie Maker. Windows Movie Maker 12 is included in Windows Essentials 2012.

Question 2: Can I run Windows Movie Maker 2012 in Windows Vista?

Answer: You should download and install Windows Live Essentials 2011 for Windows Vista. It is no longer available to download from Microsoft, but you can get it here. Note that it is required to disable 3D Aero to be able to use Windows Movie Maker in Windows Vista. For Windows XP, please use Windows Live Movie Maker 2009 (no longer available from Microsoft, please google it) or Wondershare Filmora.

Question 3: Is There Windows Movie Maker 12 Offline Installer?

Answer: There are no offline installer for Movie Maker only, but Windows Essentials has. Since Windows Movie Maker is included in Windows Essentials, you click here to download Windows Essentials, and install Windows Movie maker offline. This is the English version. For more lanuages, please go to Microsoft's official site.

Question 4: What are the differences between Windows Movie Maker 2012 and Wondershare Filmora?

The following table shows you the basic differences between these two movie making software for Windows.

Video Editor Software Features Windows Movie Maker 2012 Wondershare Filmora (Free Try)

User Interface

Storyboard only; Ribbon style

Storyboard and Timeline at bottom, resources on top.

Royalty-free music

Includes free stock music services

100+ included in various styles like Rock, Sentimental, Electronic, etc.

Animated Titles


100+, including beautiful elements




Filter Effects 20+ 150+
Overlays None 60+
Advanced Features Fit to Music, Video Stabilization Green Screen, Split Screen, SpeedUp Video, Reverse, Tilt-Shift, Flash and Hold, Mosaic, Scene Detection, Video Stabilization, etc.
Publish Online OneDrive, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc. YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.
Export to Devices None iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Zune, Xbox, PS4, Wii, etc.
Save to Files MP4, MP3 WMV, MP4, MOV, AVI, MP3, FLV, HTML5, MPEG-2, MKV, etc.
Burn to DVD None, requires Windows DVD Maker to burn DVDs. Directly burn DVDs with menu